I’m now officially opening up commissions! Contact me at crossxcomix@gmail.com to request a commission. Please feel free to include as much detail and reference photos in your email.

Payment is required upfront via Paypal and can be submitted to the same email address. If you don’t pay upfront, I will not be able to start your commission. 

Digital Drawing Commission

  • 2 characters
  • full color
  • simple backdrop/background (single gradient, can pick up to 2 colors if desired)
  • whatever pose you request

$30 USD + $10 per extra character

What I WILL Draw 

  • Your OCs (original characters)
  • Fanart & ships
    • As long as it’s age appropriate
  • Various poses
  • Props can be included for an extra $10

What I WON’T Draw 

  • NSFW
    • Including minors in sexual situations
  • Hateful art
  • Gore

I Can TRY to Draw (may not be best use of my talents) 

  • Mechs/robots
  • Animals or furries

I reserve the right to deny a commission for any reason.

My commissions may not be used for resale or merchandise. 

Commissions are non-refundable. 

This is fanart I drew of Catra and Adora a while back. This is an example of what your commission could look like.