I want to buy a volume of one of your comics!

That’s awesome! You can grab Star Guardians Volume One right now from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major retailers.

The print version retails for $40, but the e-book version is available for $9.99. Sometimes different retailers will offer discounts as well!

Where else can I read your comics?

You can follow us on Facebook and DeviantArt if you would like to read the comics elsewhere.

I would love to contribute to the continuation of your comics!

Thank you! I genuinely appreciate your support. If you want to support me, consider donating to my Patreon. I only ask for, at most, five dollars a month from a patron. Otherwise a dollar here or there will go a long way!

I love your art style! Do you take commissions?

Thank you! I do take commissions. Please check my commissions page for a list of details.