What does Quincy want to talk to Maggie about? Hmmm…


And hey, for those of you who don’t follow DA or FB, Star Guardians Volume One IS COMING OUT SOON!!! 

The book is approx. 278 pages long, features remastered pages, a never-before-seen-bonus comic, and MORE!

I published it through IngramSpark, and it will be available as a print edition OR an Ebook. The Ebook is 9.99; the print version is 40.00. The price is steeper for the print version because of 1) the number of pages and 2) the quality of the paper it’s being printed on and 3) the quality of the ink that’s been used (I’m choosing to use IngramSpark’s PREMIUM color option to ensure the best colors!)

This is my FIRST EVER published book so I am super excited! I preordered the first copy and I am waiting to see how it turns out. The ebook version goes on sale in 2-6 weeks.