Hello everyone,
On this beautiful April afternoon (at least its nice where I’m at) I am proud to announce that I have uploaded the files to Ingram Spark, and they are in the midst of processing. I have just ordered my first copy of the print edition! WOW! SURREAL!
Volume One of Star Guardians is going to be available as a print book as well as an Ebook. The Ebook will be distributed on Amazon; the print book, I remain unsure of how people can obtain it. Each book has its own ISBN, so theoretically, if you went to a bookstore and gave them that number, they should be able to order it for you. You cannot buy the book directly through IngramSpark.
The ebook is eligible to be distributed worldwide; you can ONLY purchase a print copy of the book if you live in the United States. (It is enabled for worldwide distribution, but the pricing hasn’t been set, which is going to make it difficult to obtain.) Let me explain why.
The ebook version is going to be sold at 9.99. The print version is priced at 40.00, which is initially expensive due to the printing costs. I’m printing on high quality premium color paper with a gloss finish, and there’s 278 pages to this book.
The print version had to be priced even HIGHER because Ingram Spark makes me offer a minimum 30% discount to retailers. I originally wanted to price the book at 30 flat, and NOT offer a discount, to keep things as cheap as possible, but if I left the pricing at 30 with that required minimum discount, I would LOSE money selling this book. So I had to up the price higher than I would have liked, and my compensation is STILL small.
Oh the things you learn in self publishing, right?
I don’t know if that 30% off discount is just for retailers, or if it’s applicable to individuals who are just interested in buying the book online, but I hope so. I understand that 40.00 is expensive for a lot of people, and this is why I made sure an Ebook version was available. Seriously, do NOT feel bad if you choose to get the Ebook version over the print. I personally just prefer the feel and look of printed copies.
If people absolutely CANNOT wait to get a print copy, for whatever reason, Ingram Spark is running a discount deal where if I order 25 copies, I get a 5% discount. I think that means it would cost $650 and I would probably have to set up a Kickstarter if enough people were interested in that. For now, I’m waiting till my print copy shows up to review.
Updates to follow with where-to-purchase information, and when this book finally shows up, photos and videos. 🙂