A complete list of all webcomics featured on the Cross X Comix site, including their descriptions. Click on the banners to go to the gallery for the comic you want to read. Enjoy!


Star Guardians

One girl. A legendary power. Her mission? Save the world.

On a parallel Earth, unique but natural occurrences enable those born underneath them to wield incredible elemental powers. In recent years, in the aftermath of several gruesome wars, an ancient prophecy is now being looked to for salvation as a great darkness begins to consume the world. Join the adventures of an unlikely and ordinary hero as she battles back villains and her own demons alongside her friends and teachers to search for the truth behind the prophecy.



Does true love really exist?

On a distant planet, there lives all creatures from tales of lore and fantasy. Martin is a grouchy workaholic elf who serves as Santa’s personal assistant. On Christmas Eve, after his best friend James convinces him to have a little fun, Martin meets Mel, the girl of his dreams… Or is she even a girl? The next morning the two come to the realization that the events of the previous night have left them bound to each other. Now, they must navigate life together as a couple and find a way to best the malicious adversary that stalks Mel’s life. A kooky romantic comedy about learning to love yourself.

109 Rescue Troop

Airships. Flying cars. Mutant monsters. Hella cool weapons.

In the aftermath of a tragedy that turns her life upside down, 21 year old Maggie Bente discovers she is pregnant and unable to return home. In an effort to provide for her child and also find answers for her husband’s death, Maggie joins the Rescue Troops as a ground officer, where in addition to hiding her pregnancy, she has to fight crime. She is also joined with supportive and eccentric teammates: her scruffy captain, Alrece Aims, her goofy partner Horacio Esquire, the sensitive and cunning messenger Quincy Maroon, the divorced and bumbling Youshi Kora and his genius teenage daughter Cora, and the intelligent but distant Foss Wisely. Together on their adventures, they work to save the city!


When you’re growing up, it’s good to have friends to count on.

Boystory is a comic that follows the life of Mayer and his friends, Calvin, Simon, and Derek as they navigate the difficulties of growing up and trials of school as they seek to embrace who they are.

Copper Junction

Ipods, skunk hair, and MySpace. Reeaalllly takes you back.

Set in a fictional urban North Carolina city in the early 2000s, Copper Junction follows the lives of several people living the titular neighborhood. Through the narratives of these people, the series explores themes relating to racism, sexism, homophobia, poverty and crime. The series primarily focuses on the lives of optimistic detective Freddie Grederdale and Dwayne Rodgers, an aspiring chef.